Canary Vaqueando



Saw this on my run today. Thought it was really great, integrating the idea of a used bandage, stained with blood and pain, with the Japanese Flag. I wonder who made it. If you know, please leave it in the comments.

That was quick. Service is back up and fully functional, unless you can prove otherwise. Sorry for the down time.

If you’ve used Bakodo in the last hour or so, you might have seen that the rich set of results you are used to were not showing. The main site also seems to be down. We’ve traced the problem back to our DNS service handled by www.101domain.com. We’re working with them to restore the service, which should be back as soon as some changes to their DNS servers propagate fully.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re working to fix this.


With it’s latest iOS 4.2, Apple introduced a bug that was causing inconsistent behavior on 3GS iPhones using the AVFoundation framework. Bakodo uses this framework for its realtime barcode scanning and therefore some of our 3GS users were experiencing a crash of Bakodo on launch.

The fact that only some of our users were experiencing the crash meant we had to rely on our users to debug the problem. We’d like to thank all the users who submitted crash reports and sent us information about what was happening. I’d like to extend a special thanks to user David Coviello Jr (@DavidQT69) for being one of the first to report the crash and continue to help us out with testing of the new builds. Your help is much appreciated.

Because of the review process of the AppStore being stopped during the last week of December meant we had to wait a bit longer for the update to hit the market. We didn’t sit idle, and worked even throughout Christmas to fix even more bugs and add some features, such as the much-requested storing of QR Codes in your history, as well as QR Code scanning for 3G iphones. All and all, 3.2 is a solid update which we hope you enjoy. You can grab it here. Made with love by team Bakodo.

We thought this update would be a great way to start the year. Happy scanning in the 2011!


User Karolis sends in this link to the making of the NY Times magazine cover. A QR Code made out of balloons! Nifty!