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I'm not writing this from 30,000 miles, somewhere approaching Chicago, not thanks to the non-free wi-fi most Delta flights don't have. Instead I'm still stuck in smallest state in the nation.

Here's what happened: 

PVD airport. Flight at 5:45 am. No sleep. Arrive airport 5:09. 2 Delta staff members by the self-checkin kiosk. Not a soul self-checking-in. Stand in Elite Checking Lane. I have flown over 35 times (enough to be a Gold Member) with Delta, AirFrance and other incompetent airlines in the the Flying Blue program, so I'm entitled to stand there. Nobody moves. One staff member busy with another customer. Two more staff behind the counter chatting. 2 Kiosk staff also chatting. 5:14am. Ahem. I haven't been at fault for missing a flight in the last 4 years. An old lady finally takes me on. Fumbles for a couple minutes. 5:16 am. Oops. Too late to check bag. Less than 30 minutes before likely delayed flight departed. System won't allow. No manual override. You're shitting me. Old lady is chirpy, says sorry with a smile. Think of an upgrade. Lady kills any possibility with the ultimate "I'm not going to charge you". No shit, sherlock. Just the fact that you said that was so wrong. Rescheduled for a flight two hours later. Because my bags could not make it to the airplane in less than 29 minutes in the smallest airport in the nation. Fuck my Delta loyalty and my hundreds of thousands of miles. Fuck TSA. Why doesn't a twentieth-century domestic airline fly to VGO, Spain so that I don't have to step foot on another Delta or AirFrance flight ever again?

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Dear users: Thanks!

I’ve received stupid offers from AT&T. Some companies simply suck at marketing (ding! ding! idea for startup). But I haven’t found a worse case of spamming than the ACM. They’re supposed to be good at technology, right? Well, there seems to be no way to stop receiving these. CC’ed in the email, perhaps like that they will get the hint.

whoever is reading this, please stop it. I’m going to cry.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Renew Your ACM Student Membership Today! October 07, 2010

Membership Number:  

Dear Mr Andres Douglas,

Your ACM Student Membership has lapsed, and we want you back!
And, renewing has never been easier.

Graduating? Take advantage of the ACM Transition Rate – become
an ACM Professional Member for one year at a significantly
discounted rate! To take advantage of this offer simply select the
“Student Transitioning to Professional” button on the online renewal form.

Renew online today at:

Depending on your email system, either click on the link embedded
in this message, or cut and paste the complete URL into your browser,
leaving no blank spaces.

You must act quickly because your ACM email forwarding address and
“TechNews”  subscription, benefits you have continued to enjoy access to,
will be terminated at the end of this month if you have not renewed.

Why should you renew your membership? Because recent improvements and new products
and services make your ACM Student Membership more essential than ever!
All ACM Student Members now receive access to:

* The all-new XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Student Magazine, and its new companion website
* 500 online books from Books24x7®
* 3,500 online courses in multiple languages and 1,100 virtual labs
* ACM’s Student Academic Initiative (SAI) Programs: Developer Academic Alliance
(formerly MSDN AA), Sun Academic Initiative, and CA Academic Initiative
* ACM’s new robust Career & Job Center
* “TechNews” and “CareerNews” digests
* Free e-mentoring services from MentorNet
* The option to subscribe to the pWerful ACM Digital Library with 50+ years of
 archives and more than 40 publications

It’s easy to see why your membership in ACM is more valuable than
ever, so we hope you will take a moment to Renew Today!

Thank you,
ACM Member Services Department
1-800-342-6626 (U.S. and Canada)
+1-212-626-0500 (Global)
email: renewal@acm.org

If you do not wish to participate in our email renewal notification program, simply click the reply button and place “UNSUBSCRIBE”
in the subject line. Please be sure to use “reply” to facilitate your request.

All ACM members must subscribe to the purposes of ACM. You can access the ACM Code of Ethics at: http://www.acm.org/about/code-of-ethics

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This interview appeared in Faro de Vigo, the longest published newspaper in Spain. Talking about Bakodo and my background. [Spanish]